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We want you to forget that we are "wedding photographers".

Your wedding is going to be one of the biggest days of your far!  Life is full of so many fleeting and stunning moments.  Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful diamonds in the rough that we call life.  Choosing a photographer is a difficult process.  You want your photos to look like you, respresent your day, be stunning enough to go on the wall of a gallery all while being able to enjoy your day and forget the photographer is even there.  THAT'S IT!!!  That is our main goal.  We want you to forget that we are "wedding photographers".  Our plan from the start is to slip into your day barely noticed, catching all the craziness that is the bridemaids, nervousness of the groom, silent moments with the bride.  We like to hang out, crack jokes, and remove whatever stress may be lingering in the air.  You DO NOT have to worry about how to sit, where to stand or if you're doing it right, because we will climb, army crawl or hang upside down to get the perfect shot.  This is your day, everything you do is right!!!

"We work for the bride."

Have you ever been to a wedding where dear Aunt Sally comes in with her disposable camera and proceeds to tell everyone where to stand while the bride stands there with an utterly polite and super angry look about her?  This is not our jam!  Now, don't get me wrong, we LOVE the Aunt Sally's of the world, but we never argue, or push with these loving additions.  We simply tell everyone from the first consultation, that "We work for the bride!"  This is who the wedding is about and she is in charge!  That being said, we do our best to include everyone's love and support and kindly go about our work without causing any added stress to your day.  So, if Aunt Sally wants a shot of the bride and groom under that tree with the family dog, we will happily take the 30 seconds to make it happen.  We will also make friends with all of your family and friends so that when we have to tell them it's our turn and get out of the way, they are happy to do it!  

"Our clients are our friends."

Have you been to a wedding where the photographer never smiles, the DJ looks annoyed, and the servers just can't wait to get out of there?  When we sign a couple, we spend the time to get to know them and their interests.  It wouldn't make sense to take a bride who is afraid of water and photograph her by the river, right?  We like to know these things ahead of time and we do this in serveral ways.  First we meet in person!  We set up a consultation, complimentary engagement session and an "email me anytime you want" relationship.  We may friend you on social media as well.  I love seeing my brides shopping for their gown and having engagement celebrations.  All of this helps us to know you better and capture your day with love.  We work for you, but once you become a part of JMPhotography, you will soon learn, our clients are our friends!


Custom Wedding Packages from $4500

Every Package Includes the Following...

Complimentary Engagement Session

8 Hours of Wedding Coverage

2nd Photographer

Custom Crystal Cover Wedding Album

Complimentary Cloud Storage

Custom Engraved USB Drive

Print Release for unlimited self print in sizes up to 5x7